Friday, October 20, 2017

Juve made a strong start of the season, says Quinley

Although Juventus is 5 points from the top in Italy and at the same time suffered a heavy loss of Barcelona in the Champions League 0-2, the defender of the team Giorgio Cielini does not think there is any problem. We started the season well, said the Italian national today. `We are a team whose goal is to be in its strongest form in March, ` Chielenini continued. `Over the past few years we`ve always been like a good diesel engine. Now we are just like last season. Before two, we even started even worse. We need peace and everything will come.

During the weekend, Calcio`s champion lost 1: 2 from Lazio as host. This wrong step will not have any negative impact on us - believes Kelleli. - With all his respect for Lazio, who has earned success, but there is no basis for comparison between the two teams. We are currently 2 points lower than a year ago at that time - that is, below, we have achieved what we expected at this stage. And yet the matches fro m 11livematches with the national teams have further exhausted our forces.

Tomorrow Juventus accepts Sporting (Lisbon) at a Champions League meeting. According to the experienced defender, this is a key clash because Barcelona will surely leave the group and Olympiacos will be eliminated. Thus the Italians and Portuguese will determine the second team, which will continue to the stage of direct elimination.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Simeone: Impressive is how fast Barca recovered from leaving Neymar

Madrid`s red-and-white thrill is awaiting the collision with Barcelona from La Liga on Saturday night. So far under the direction of Diego Simeone Atletico Madrid has always suffered in his households of the Catalans, but hopes are to change the new Wanda Metropolitano.

The Argentine specialist has called for full concentration. He explained that Neimar is gone, but the rival is just as strong.

One of the best teams in the world will undoubtedly emerge, Simeone commented. `Thanks to the class of their players, they quickly recovered from the blow after leaving Neymar. The team`s genes are to pursue victories. This Barca team now has differences with the previous one, but the midfielders are the same. They just adjust to Ernesto Varverde`s style, which he practiced at Athletic Bilbao with a 4-4-2 pitch. If we do not pay attention to Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, things can go wrong at any time.

Before the match in the capital, which is on Saturday at 21:45, los cules are leaders with a total asset of 21 points and Athletes are 6 points behind them.

At his meeting with the media, Ciolo was asked to comment on the guests` complaints that the height of the grass floor did not meet the standards, which would eventually benefit the hosts. I`m not a gardener, `Simeone said. - I`m just a coach. When you invite me to you, I use your cover, your plates and cups. No? ! I do not choose what to use, but I take what you give me. That is why in the match from handball picks one team hosts and the other one is a guest.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Turkchin gathered everyone`s eyes in Filley

Forkan Korkmaz is preparing for his debut season at the NBA, but has already impressed his new teammates, and especially JJ Jared.The 20-year-old Turkish guard was selected under No. 26 in last year`s Draft, but stayed in his native country for a season to fly to the US this summer and sign with Sixs.before pre-season preparation - a match predicted by questions for fixed football matches between all players in the squad divided into two teams.Radek was amazed at the performance of his new addition and did not conceal his surprise from talking to `` Damn him, he just came out of nowhere and was surprised, `said Reed`s experienced replacement of Los Angeles with Philadelphiathis summer.Korkmaz has left positive impressions in the coaching staff, as Brett Brown also did not spare any praise for his performance.

He was shooting well and I think he generally performed well.I do not just talk about his shooting, but also about the defense, because he also showed some extras, commenting the coach of SIXERS.